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Wholesale Domestic Product Videos

Wholesale Domestic is a leading Bathroom superstore in Scotland and one of the main Bathroom superstores in the UK, they regularly sponsor TV and Radio shows and run regular big budget TV and Radio adverts.

Film Work for Wholesale Domestic.

I was commissioned to produce a series of short videos that covered the Napoli bathroom Range for their website. However, the idea was to give the customers online a visual understanding of the product line via video to make it easier for them to purchase online. For this project, I created a number of product videos covering all aspects of the range in line with the brief given.

In addition to filming the products in their Hillington showroom, I edited the videos, tracked titles (pinned the titles to objects in the video so they appear to be in the video) in After Effects and created a smooth motion graphic (animated intro) to introduce the brand at the beginning of each video.

Motion Graphics

Furthermore, creating the motion graphics here in Glasgow for one of Scotlands largest bathroom brands was excellent fun. The folks at Wholesale Domestic knew their brand very well and gave great direction as to what they wanted. As a result, the motion graphic is now an asset in their digital marketing material.

Intro animation  

Certainly, this is a simple animation of the Wholesale Domestic logo, however, the animation adds a little depth and shine to the logo and was purposefully kept to under 2.5 seconds.  Introducing the popular and well know brand before the videos main information plays.

Outro animation

A simple information plate that recaps the details shown in the video with animated prompts to follow Wholesale Domestics social media channels.

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Wholesale Domestic Video Examples