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"Bring the buyer to your business with the power of video"

Video Production Glasgow

Video is the new shiny toy of every marketer! I am an award-winning filmmaker with over ten years of experience. As you are aware a video is a great tool for conveying every aspect of your products and services to your prospectus customers. Giving them everything they need to make their purchasing decision. I have made almost every kind of video over the last 10+ years. I mainly work in the greater Glasgow area for film and video work. Contact me to see how I can add value to your business.

Sales Videos

Short, powerful videos to highlight your services or products. This can be a complete series of videos or a one-off. They can follow the classic Problem, Solution Call 2 action theme or be completely custom.

Promotional Videos 

I can create captivating, engaging videos to highlight your services, events, upcoming product launches and more. 10 seconds to 10 minutes I can cater to all kinds of video. Designed for new social media formats like Instagram, Facebook stories to more traditional formats like YouTube.

Corporate Videos 

I can produce extensive and complex videos to complement your business marketing strategies. Hiring in additional freelancers and industry professionals personally vetted by my self to produce any level of production standard required.

Music Videos 

Music videos to suit your style and budget! I have filmed and edited many music videos, I have even starred in a few. Some of my past videos made for Bands like the Fall of Eve have racked up serious views on YouTube. With one video, in particular, which has now been viewed more than 160,000 times.

Webisodes/ Vblogs

Use the power of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to engage and social proof of your expertise. A webisode is like a visual podcast, sometimes called a Vblog. It is most commonly used to establish social proof and drive customers to your main products. I can produce a regular webisode (weekly, monthly) to inspire, educate and engage your audience/clients.

Video Training

Your chance to learn from the best. Award-winning Broadcast Production degree, Award-winning adventure filmmaker, semi-finalist video editor. Author of Smartphone Media Production the five star rated guide to producing a video with on a smartphone. Book me for a training session and you will not be disappointed. My specialism is mobile video making, which I have delivered to SAGA clients, The Scottish Amature Filmmakers Society, Splash White Water Rafting and more.

Below is a mixture of video produced by Robb Wallace Media.

Smartphone Book

Product promotional videos for my books. This is mainly an animated promo video. Business branding and contact information throughout.

Steak Bake  

Short book/product promo video.

Splash White Water Rafting

Product promotional videos for Splash White Water Rafting. This is fronted with an animated intro and sales call to action at the end of the video. Business branding and contact information throughout.

The MMA Show 

Over 50 Episodes filmed with Blue screen to create a virtual studio. Animations, advertising, product and sales videos.

Splash White Water Rafting

Product promotional videos of the River Tay Rafting experience. This is fronted with an animated intro and sales call to action at the end of the video. Business branding and contact information throughout.

DMC Fitness

Product promotional videos DMC Fitness Glasgow. Advertising their popular small group personal training classes.

DMC Fitness Video blogs

Filmed these video blog style question and answer style sessions for DMC Fitness clients.

The Fall OF Eve

Music video including VFX for the mighty Fall of Eve. This video has over 160000 views on YouTube alone.

Big Robbs Hot Sauce

Product promotional videos for Big Robb's Hot Suace. Using motion graphics to creat a fast, snappy advert of the four heat levels available.

The Fall Of Eve

The second music video filmed for The Fall Of Eve. More artisitic in direction this time.