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Glasgow Promotional Video Smartphone

Glasgow-Promotional-video-headerGlasgow promotional video that anyone can make.

Below is a short Glasgow promotional video that I made on my Samsung Glasgly S7 smartphone a few years ago, it was one of many short films I made to promote my new book “Smartphone Media Production”. What is really interesting about this kind of promo video, is everyone can make a video like this and the best thing is we already have the equipment at hand. However, not everyone has the knowledge, an understanding of the rules, understanding about how to think about video, awareness of the free tools that can simplify the process etc and that is why I wrote the book. As a simple manual to get the most out of the phone we hide in our pockets. But I digress.

Some background on this Glasgow video.

It was August 2016 and the sun was shining here in Glasgow and as you are probably aware,  that when the sun shines in Glasgow you need to take advantage of it as it may be its last day before it retreats. So it was a close call between  ‘Taps aff and mow the lawn’ and going into town. I decided to go into town with my partner and grab a few beers in the sunshine but not to miss an opportunity to promote my new book I set myself a task.

The Glasgow Video Task.

So whilst intermittently drinking cold beers in the glorious sun I set myself the goal to capture some iconic Glasgow landmarks on my smartphone and then edit the video with branding and upload it to the world wide web before returning home. Sounds easy enough when you know how. Smartphone Media Production shows you how. Buy your digital copy here.

The Plan

Drink beer in a few different establishments and make a short Glasgow promotional video, therefore I could walk between these establishments and capture the footage I needed for my video project.

Whilst consuming beer in various beer gardens throughout the city centre in the Sun, I would take time to review any footage captured, delete where necessary and plan for complimentary footage on route to the next bar/location. By employing this work as I go approach, by the time it came to edit I had most of the clips I needed, as I had already deleted any and all video that was to shakey, poor content etc. After all, I was drinking beer, which was giving me courage for some shots but blurring my judgement on others.

Finally, I designated the time on the train home to edit the video and the time walking home from the station to uploading the video.

Equipment Used

The popular Samsung Galaxy S7 was used, I captured video with its inbuilt video app on auto (Anyone can do this, point and shoot). I then used a Zihyun Smooth C smartphone stabiliser  for stability and to give me the smooth gliding shots. I edited the video in GoPros Quik APP then in Kinemasters editing app to add the branding All of this kind of stuff is broke down in the book “Smartphone Media Production”

How did the video turn out?

Judge for yourself how our short Glasgow promotional video turned out.  It’s short and sharp with a punchy edit. It does what it says on the tin, it is Glasgow in the sun, it is branded with and it has little evidence of my beer-fueled camera skills.


A Google map of the various landmarks in the video.

The secrets that you can use to make a simple promotional video.

1)Have a plan. Even a super simple plan like the one I described above will keep you on track when creating a short promotional video.

2) Understand the purpose of the video. Ie to sell a product, show a service, give information and show expertise, customer review, product review etc. This will give you focus and clarity around the content you need to capture and the message you are creating.

3)Create smooth shots of interesting things. Vary the size of the shot, the angle of the shot, the content of the shot. Do not shake, a steady static shot with no movement is better than any kind of shaky shot.

4)Edit the video with an auto-editing app like Go Pro Quik app. Download it here for IOS and here of Android. Apps like this do something very unique, they guarantee a finished video every time. This smartphone editing app comes jam-packed with templates, music, graphics and more. This app is free. This is why I was confident that I could take 30 plus minutes of Glasgow video footage (Over an hour of video was shot on the day but the time reviewing footage whilst drinking beer helps weed out what was not working) and turn it into a video.

5)Add your branding and a call to action. I used Kinemaster to do this, as it allows for multiple layers in the video edit. This app requires a subscription or free to use with its watermark.

6)Distribute it via Social and make sure you use keywords, a catchy yet relevant title, full descriptions and links to the product or service.

In conclusion

It is possible to make a short fun Glasgow promotional video whilst touring the cities watering holes. If this is possible then it is possible for you to use the power of smartphone video to create short engaging videos to promote your business, services and products. Release the phone and go create. Buy a copy of the Smartphone Manual here.

Alternatively, if you want someone to make you Promotional video contact me today at or check out our video information here.

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