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Video Editing Glasgow

No matter if your looking for a short edit for social media or a large video project or series of video editing projects I can help.

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of splicing together multiple videos. These videos can be created from a single video or from multiple videos and then edited together to tell your story visually. The ‘cut’ is where two videos are stitched together. It is said that in a well-edited video you will not see the edit, it will be invisible letting the viewer experience the story unhindered. However, the opposite is also true, bad video editing will take the viewers out of the video and make them focus on the cuts, diluting the power of your message.

Editing video takes in a number of different tasks, which include logging the footage, cutting the scenes, colour correction, adding titles,  visual effects, stabilisation of footage, sound design and more.

Video Editing Experience

I have over fifteen years of experience in editing video and editing experience and in that time I have edited everything from 2 hour plus sporting events, weddings,  music videos , explainer videos, unboxing videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, company videos,  adventure documentaries, tourism promos , short films, social media content, as well as hundreds of 5-second video ads and adverts. I have edited well over 800 videos. I have written two general books on Smartphone media production including chapters on smartphone video editing. And am know online in social media videographer circles.
I use the latest video editing software from Adobe including Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve as well as a number of other video editing software packages where required. If visual effects are required within the edit I have a good level of After Effects skill and experience, as well as a number of talented designers at hand.


Scottish Video Editing commissions.

From Actor showreels to home footage,  music videos to short films and everything in between, I can take your video footage and edit it together under your instruction. Moreover, editing is done on a per hour basis charged at £40 ph . I am based in Rutherglen near Glasgow and can take direction over the phone or in person. Regular progress edits can be viewed via private videos shared on Youtube.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for information on video editing and want a basic understanding of how it is conducted then try my book “Smartphone Smart Marketing” (Published by Robb Wallace Media). To clarify, it covers everything you need to make your smartphone into a media powerhouse including the theory, worked examples, as well as the best video editing apps available for today’s smartphones (IOS and Android). It will give you a good understanding of the basics of video editing.  Buy the Smartphone Smart Marketing Book

Video Production and Video Editing

I do offer a full end to end video production and video editing services. However, this page is dedicated to my video editing services. Check my video production page for more info on those services.

Video Editing Examples

All the videos on are examples of my editing skills, below is an example of a custom edited music video that was built from the ground up under the direct instruction of the client. It contains a collection of stock footage and images weaved together to make the music video come to life.

The Fall Of Eve – Stay With Me – Music video

Video source – Filmed by Robb Wallace Media.


The Fall Of Eve – The Devil Never Sleeps – Music video

Video source – Filmed by Robb Wallace Media.

The Fall Of Eve –  Video Edit – Filmed by Robb Wallace Media

Read my blogs on the production of The Fall Of Eve Music Videos

There are two blogs each covering one video. The blog articles cover more than just the video edit. Most importantly,  the video editing process is highlighted in each.

The Fall of Eve – Destiny Music Video Blog


The Fall of Eve – The Devil never Sleeps Music Video Blog


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