TUV NEL Corporate Video

TUV NEL video creation

The creation of TUV NELs corporate and promotional videos by Robb Wallace Media.

TUV NEL are part of the TUV SUD Group and are a highly respected engineering company based in East Kilbride.  The company holds the UK standard for flow and is a recognised leader in testing, calibration and inspection. They work with clients in the oil, gas and  renewable energy sectors.

TUV NEL employed me for three months, I created a number of corporate and promotional videos including this full length promotional video showcasing the vast service and experiences that TUV NEL have to offer. The piece is a mix of motion graphic, VFX, SD video and voice over. This corporate video took around three months to craft.  I started by extracting the message TUV NEL was looking to communicate to its potential future customers.  The story and key concepts where then discussed with the marketing department. All good corporate videos have a story, TUV NELs story is one of excellence, one of standards, based around its world class facility and its world class staff.  TUV NEL worked closely with me over the three months, for a big company they were exceptional at giving me, not just unparalleled access to their cutting edge facility but where also extremely articulate in describing exactly what they required , what they liked and what they did not.


The Myres Hill corporate promotional video in contrast was a very simple video, here I used a lot of time-lapse to show the specialist prototype turbines under test. The purpose of the video was to show of the excellent testing facility.


The second  Myres Hill corporate promotional video for TUV NEL was again a simple time-lapse video showing the construction of a prototype test rig being assembled at the site.