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Tourism Marketing Scotland

What is a tourism marketing strategy? Why is marketing important in the tourism industry? How do you market a tourism business? These are just some of the questions that may have led you here to my tourism marketing solutions. First, let me introduce myself and my tourism marketing experience.



Travel and Tourism Experience.

In total, I have spent over ten years of my life working in the tourism sector. Seven and a half years as a guide in one form or another. In the highland Perthshire area of Scotland, I worked as a white water rafting guide, canyon guide, mountain bike leader, archery instructor, school adventure holiday leader, adventure photographer and adventure filmmaker. In the South of England including Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight I worked in many centres as a multi-activity provider, serving both the school holiday market and the public with Archery, Air Rifle, Climbing, Abseiling, Team Building experiences. Adding to this experience in the adventure activity sector, I also worked in London for two and a half years as a Big Bus London Tour guide, on both open-top live tours, walking tours and in customer services and sales. I have experienced many aspects of the UK’s tourism industry first hand.

Tourism Marketing Manager

A further two and a half years were spent working as the Digital Manager for Splash White Water Rafting, Scotlands no1 rafting activity provider. In those two and a half years I created and maintained six websites, managed all aspects of SEO and wrote all of the new content for each of these websites. I filmed, edited and distributed over 200 videos. I proceeded over 200,000 photos and managed over 100K social contacts on a daily basis. Read more about what I did at Splash here.


Even More Tourism Experience.

My book Smartphone Media Production has been bought by many small tour operators, tourism marketing book that only needs a smartphone to implement. Buy your Kindle copy on Amazon today. I have also designed book covers for one of Scotland’s newest guide books and helped many small operators with advice, as well as implementing many of the aspects I offer. Finally, I have represented at many tourism events around Scotland, from national buyers fairs to specialist technology events like the “Edinburgh Tourism Innovation Challenge” whereas a Tourism Expert I worked alongside a NASA engineer, a programmer and an entrepreneur to try and solve one of Edinburgh biggest tourism problems in under 72hrs!! Check out more Hackathons from ProductForge


Real World Tourism Marketing Experience

Over the last ten years, I have gained a real understanding of what is important operational and digitally for today’s small tour operators. This experience can be tapped into as a producer and creator of content or as a consultant to point your business in the right direction in today’s fast-moving digitally transforming the tourism sector. I can be employed directly for a respectable £25k PA or on a month to month basis at £4K PM or on a day rate at £300 PD.

Tourism marketing objectives

Tourism marketing and promotion of your products and services. In an ideal world where money and time are of no restriction, I would look to analyse your current offerings, perform my Digital MOT, and then fill any holes found across the customer’s digital experience. I will look to implement a solid SEO and content creation phase.

Digital MOT

Lets me understand where we stand.

SEO and Website optimisation

Optimise the website, optimise the content, research keywords, keywords, and SERPs tracking and make sure the online presence is worthy of competition.

Social Media Channel Optimisation

Using the information from the Digital MOT to optimise the social media channels being used.

Competitor Research

Websites, SEO, social media, price point and more.

Content Creation and Strategy

Images, video, live streams and more

Branding and Brand integration

Making sure that every interaction, the potential clients know your brand and how to get in contact with you.

Technology in Tourism

Implementation of various marketing tech within the business.

Tourism Marketing Tools.

Look at how you can implement and use various tools inhouse to manage aspects of your marketing strategy going forward.

No Paid Ads

Sorry, I do not do paid ads, I build content that brings in customers over time, time and time again. I am not against paid ads, I just don’t do them.

Tap into my vast media experience and take your tourism business to the next level. Let’s talk about your project.


Finally, I know Scotland

Every year I holiday in Scotland, from the North Coast 500 to the Islands. I have adventured and camped, glamped, bivvied, B&Bed and even sampled a few hotels from the Borders to Caithness. I have visited Tibetan monasteries (yes here in Scotland), stayed in an Iron Age Roundhouse, rafted rivers, hunted Oor Wullie in Glasgow and Dundee, ate Lnagestien in the North West fresh from the sea, swam with fairies, walked miles for a scenic lighthouse pictures and sat for hours to catch a snap of a Dolphin. I have also been disappointed more than once when either the weather, internet or poor infrastructure or a bad tourism provider failed me and my holiday. I have sat next to Americans, Dutch, Germans, Pols and many more fellow travellers and shared many a passionate story of my homeland and its history. I live and breath Scotland and want your Scottish tourism business to be a success.