The MMA Show by Robb Wallace Media

The MMA Show – Scotlands MMA Broadcast – Full media package by Robb Wallace Media.

The MMA Show – June 2009 to April 2015     Re-birthed November 2015 - till Present

The MMA Show used all of my skills, and is an example of the full range of products and services I can offer to add value to your business.

The MMA Show was one of my own brands, a true passion of mine, it combined my love of martial arts and my love of media creation. It all started when I returned to university as a mature student, I need to implement some of the ideas I was learning, the best was to learn is to do , so with the help of two excellent friends Greg and Mark aka “the Muscle Mole” and “B fae the CP”, I planted a seed and started The MMA Show.

Over the years I created a stupendous amount of media and honed the skills I now posses. From Green and Blue Screen webisodes to virtual studios, from building a website to creating a social media empire, from motion graphics to poster creation, from live photography to filming seminars, from live broadcasts play by plays to representing at some of the biggest events on earth, from interviews to dealing with the press.

Initially it started as a YouTube review and predictions show for up and coming UFC events, as it grew it moved more into a Facebook driven broadcast that used the website, Twitter and YouTube to drive its engagement on Facebook.

YouTube – The MMA Show – Scotlands MMA Broadcast at the start was all about the video, during this time I developed an exceptional understanding of Googles YouTube service and how to use it for SEO, for marketing and for business. Today one of the services I offer is to set-up, develop and maximise clients YouTube channels. Are you using the second most powerful search engine on the web to your advantage? Contact me now for more information.

The MMA Show in its day clocked close to a quarter of a million views. The show it self was a simple affair, two presenters talking to a global audience about the world of martial arts. The model was refined and refined in six years we uploaded over 150 videos. The videos took advantage of my knowledge of blue screen, A virtual like technology that give one the ability to create virtual billboards for us to preach from, this progressed to a fully functioning custom built virtual studio that looked professional broadcast standard.

The MMA Show by Robb Wallace Media

The MMA Show used all of my skills, hence why I state it is an example of the sort of products and service I could use to add value to your business.

After a location change the and various life commitments from the team it became harder and harder to get the dream team together, as I was the presenter and editor for the YouTube videos, I decided to focus more on the Facebook and twitter streams and develop a solid platform around these two platforms, using YouTube more for live interview and promotional fight edits.

The MMA Show

It was hear that I learnt how to utilise and grow a strong, highly engaged Facebook page that automatically rebroadcast to a secondary twitter audience. Below are just some of the hundreds if not thousands of photos and Photoshops I posted up over the years to engage my audience.




Example one-

Steven Ray is one of Scotlands top lightweight prospects, in the lightweight division no one attracts more attention than Connor McGregor, so I made a fake weigh inn pic pitting Scotland's best lightweight against the Irishman McGregor. The image was a viral success, it was shared countless times, re tweeted, commented upon, ridiculed, glorified and ultimately engaged with. Know you audience, be aware of what will get them emotionally engaged and create it.

Ray-vs-Connor - Steven Ray vs Conno McGregor


Example two

The UFC, the largest MMA organisation is coming to Glasgow on July the 18th (or if that has past , it came to Glasgow on July the 18th 2015) . I created an event poster to get people excited, combining imagery of the hydro, a large crowd and Scotlands top MMA athletes. Again the image was shared by the fighters excited to see a quality poster and by the fans excited that the big show was coming to town.


UFC Glasgow

I decided to bring back The MMA Show in November 2015, it is hard to give up on your dreams!! I re bought the domain name , re branded the the YouTube and Twitter and resigned up for Facebook. Now focusing on MMA news and culture, art , history and martial arts in general.


New logo, new website.The MMA Show



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