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The Fall of Eve – Music Video Production

Over the years I have worked on many projects with  ‘The Fall of Eve’. The Fall of Eve is a melodic symphonic female-fronted heavy metal band from Ayrshire near Glasgow, Scotland.  So far I have created two Music Videos, Photoshopped promotional images and created them an Electronic Press Kit.

Music Video Glasgow

The Fall Of Eve music videos were filmed in Irvine, Ayrshire and Edited in Rutherglen near Glasgow. Music videos are excellent fun and one of my favourite creative projects to be commissioned for. The videos were created in-house by Robb Wallace Media from concept to completion, for a full break down of both videos, covering the details of how I created the videos check out my BLOG here. For more information on Video Production click here 

The Fall of Eve – “Destiny” Music Video

The Fall of Eve – The Devil Never Sleeps 

Looking for a music video in Glasgow

I can accommodate a wide range of budgets, I have an excellent network of the very best professionals and I am ready to make your next music video stand out. The Fall Of Eve “Destiny” video now has over 160,000 views on youtube alone!! Great music, great video = a winning combination.

The Electronic Press Kit or Digital CV

EPK- The Electronic Press Kit or Digital CV is a  powerful tool to get industry insiders attention. The EPK is a fully linked PDF document that can be sent to agents, venues other artists, it can be accessed via your website etc for download as well. This one-page document acts like a one-page website giving lots of key information about the band. I start with creating A Photoshopped image then layer it with Hyperlinks to all your relevant content to create a powerful PDF that will help drive interest in your brand.

Photo example of the PDF version of The Fall of Eve EPK.

TFOE PDF Final small

Promotional photoshops

Promotional photoshops– The original images were not taken by me!! I took these standard promo images and gave them the Robb Wallace Media touch. I then took the edited images and added them to this montage to show off the variety of digital images created.  For promotional images, information click here.

The Fall of Eve Promo Photos

How can I add value to your business?

 THE Fall of eve Testimonial small