The Fall of Eve – Music Video Production

The Fall of Eve – “Destiny” Music Video

The Fall of Eve – The Devil Never Sleeps 

I have worked on a few projects so far with the mighty The Fall of Eve . So far I have created two Music Videos, Photoshopped promotional Images and created them an Electronic Press Kit.  Music videos are excellent fun!!  For a full break down of both videos, covering in lots of detail how I created the videos check out my BLOG.

 EPK- The electronic Press Kit or Digital CV is a  powerful tool to get your peoples attention. I start with creating A Photoshopped image then layer it with Hyperlinks to all your relevant content to create a powerful PDF that will help drive sales of your brand.

Photo example of the PDF version of The Fall of Eve EPK.

TFOE PDF Final small

Promotional photoshops- The original images were not taken by me!! I took these standard promo images and gave them the Robb Wallace Media touch

The Fall of Eve Promo Photos

How can I add value to your business?

 THE Fall of eve Testimonial small