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E-commerce Website and Video

I created all the materials for this ongoing project, this includes an E-commerce website, Product video, Promotional video,  social media marketing, marketing images, product images,  T-shirt designs, audio, promotional product video, Motion Graphics, Animations and more.

I created everything for the Energetic Mind brand and products in-house here at Robb Wallace Media.

E-commerce Website

The Energetic Mind is my online shop, this is where I sell my artwork via Print on Demand stores. It is based around a simple e-commerce website that delivers multiple purchasing options, as well as a  pipeline to my Print On Demand shops for the fulfilment of my designs. Print On Demand allows all of my designs to be printed onto T-Shirts, Cups, Stickers, Dresses, clocks, Tote bags and more without the upfront cost of purchasing the required machinery. As I have customers and Print On Deman stores in both the USA and the UK I required the Energetic Mind E-commerce Website to be fast when accessed from either side of the Atlantic, this was achieved by using a CDN to offer fast access to customers throughout the world.

Social media 

Building a site and populating it with excellent art is one thing, building a social network to engage and then buy your art is another thing. For this project I am mainly focusing on Twitter, I always populate a Facebook page and a YouTube channel as well- video ranks!!  I use a number of tools to schedule and populate the social media accounts as well as for monitoring engagement, inquiries and interactions.

If you need a simple website for selling your products or need some help setting up your social media, get in touch. Let me add value to your business!!

Video Production

I have produced a number of videos to promote both the T-shirt Range and also individual T-shirts. A video is a great way to find new customers for your Brand. Youtube is the third largest search engine on earth, having video content for your brand is always a good idea.

The Energetic Mind
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