The Eneregtic Mind – E-commerce Website

This is a Robb Wallace Media Project - All Media created for the Energetic Mind- Website, social media, images,designs, audio, video.


The Energetic Mind is my online shop, this is where I sell my art work via Print on Demand. It is based around a simple e-commerce style website that delivers seamless instant digital products, as well as the pipeline to my Print On Demand shops for fufillment of my designs. Print On Demand all designs onto T Shirts, Cups, Stickers, Dresses, clocks,Tote bags and more

The site is built using a CDN to offer fast access to customers through out the world.

Social media 

Building a site and populating it with excellent art is one thing, building a social network to engage and then buy your art is another thing. For this project I am mainly focusing on Twitter, I always populate a Facebook, Google plus and a YouTube. I use a number of tools to schedule and populate the social media accounts as well as for monitoring engagement, inquiries and interactions.

If you need a simple website for selling your products or need some help setting up your social media, get in touch. Let me ad value to your business!!.

The Energetic Mind
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