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Splash White Water Rafting - Digital Manager

I was the Digital Manager for Peter Symes businesses for two and a half years, employed full time. (Not technically Robb Wallace Media, however, Splash is still a client today). Primarily looking after Splash White Water Rafting,,, and more. In that time I rebuilt the main Splash website with over 500 pages! Built a further three tourism based websites from scratch and updated a further three existing activity and tourism based websites. I managed all aspects of the SEO and wrote all of the new content for each of these websites. I filmed, edited and distributed over 200 videos. I proceeded over 200,000 photos and managed over 100K social contacts on a daily basis. How can I help your business grow?

Websites Just after starting with Splash in the summer of 2016, I investigated the website and found some scary things. The website was broke. My first job was to rescue the broken website, it had previously been ported from an HTML site to WordPress without redirecting any of the backlinked pages to there new equivalent page and without any internal page linking. Losing all the page juice from the thousands of backlinks.

The website had fallen off a cliff. With more than 500 pages on the original HTML website, the WordPress version had only 30 pages built/populated. It took me a while to bring back all the content ( Wayback machine) and 301 all the pages and backlinks to there new equivalent page. 

After making sure the site was fully mapped in the back end, and that all incoming links were happily going to the correct pages. Ie Articles from newspapers, blog reviews, adventure partners and agents who had linked to a particular page, activity, or deal that their links were taking the customer to the correct page.  I then started rebuilding the SEO.  Does your brand need a new website?



SEO is about ranking a website, it is about playing by the rules of the internet to get your website to show up for your preferred search terms. I performed many On page SEO (All the technical aspects of each web page -Speed, Headers, Meta Tags, Descriptions, Internal Linking and more)  and OFF Page SEO (Web visibility, backlinks, Citations and more). To make sure that, and were able to compete with no disadvantages for their preferred keywords.

All the website are at the top of page 1 for almost all of their chosen search terms. Could your website benefit from an SEO Audit? or from my full and comprehensive Digital MOT?


Local SEO

Local SEO is all about the MAP Pack. The Map pack has three visible listings and it is essential for small local businesses. I noticed a dip in the website traffic and after further investigation noticed that one of the competitors was dominating in the MAP pack even though their website was not competitive in SERP (The traditional Google results). I did my research, created a strategy and implemented it to secure Splash White Water Rafting appeared on the Map Pack and in all further local SEO searches.  Does your business need help with Local SEO?

If you search for Rafting, Whitewater Rafting, White Water Rafting, Rafting Scotland, Rafting Near me etc Splash should come up pretty prominent either in SERP or Map Pack.


I produced over 200 videos for Splash. Including promotional videos, activity videos, partner promotions, accommodation promotions, testimonials, reworked content for social media content, live streams and more. Below are a few examples. 

Motion Graphics

I created a top and tail for all videos - A classic splash of water moving into the Splash White Water Rafting logo. The motion graphic adds brand and a call to action to each and every video. Could your brand benefit from a Motion Graphic?


Every rafting trip with Splash gets free photography, with each trip seeing between 50 and 150 photos. Each of these photos was stamped with the brand. Marketing 101. Happy customers share their photos and the brand. Therefore increasing the visibility and the ability to find Splash via search. 

Social Media

As a Freelance Social Media Marketing expert, I still manage Splash White Water Rafting and 1000MileJourneys social media channels to this day. Which includes one FB Page each, one Instagram account each and a joint Twitter account. I post every single day and drive engagement on all channels. Does your business need some social media magic?


Reviews ie a digital word of mouth, a  social signal from one customer to the next to use or avoid the services offered by a company. Splash has over 800 positive reviews and has won the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence every year since 2014. However, I lead the push to increase the Google reviews and with Pete implemented a strategy to put them front and centre. Why? Google Map Pack!!

My time working at Splash White Water Rafting under Peter Syme who is an internationally recognised travel and digital business expert was invaluable.