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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical part of any successful SEO strategy. Knowing the keywords your industry, product or service are ranking for is essential in making a plan to conquer the space. Knowing your keyword is SEO. The keyword research offered by Robb Wallace Media can be centred around a specific product or service, or be specific to a particular page on your website.

I can analyse any page on your website and see what keyword groupings are currently there. Checking HTags, meta descriptions, chapter headings, paragraphs etc to see how keywords are currently being applied.  I can then compare this to the data around keyword search volumes. As well as compare and contrast this keyword information against your main competitor to see what keyword groupings you are missing etc. 

Keyword Research Options.

Look at the industry and generate keyword terms and search volumes for key search terms.

Look at a specific page and generate keywords terms and search volumes and compare against a competitor.

Generate blog Ideas around the keyword research.

What do you receive?

>>You will receive an Excel file that has lots of keywords on it, there will be a few different pages. Each page will have the keywords in one column and its respective search volumes in the next column. This search volume indicates how many monthly UK searches are being performed for those search terms. 

>>You will also receive a break down of your Home page and its current keyword groupings (main single words, main double words, main groupings of three words) and one of your main competitors home page.

>>A PDF with a full in-depth report of one website page against a specific keyword.

>>A list of twenty blog ideas based around the keyword research. 

Keyword Research Price

The price is £150 per product or service search.

Ie two different products Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Glasgow and Ice Cream Shops in Rutherglen would require to Keyword research packages.

Contact me with the Keyword, product or service and the specific webpage or website you wish to check. I will send an invoice for £50, once paid, I will start the research. Payment of the remaining £100 will be invoiced when the research has been sent over.

What do you do with the research?

With the information generated you will be able to better understand your current offerings in terms of on page SEO and keyword targeting for the product or service, you are offering. You will then be able to use the research to rewrite and implement a stronger product or service page. You will also be able to apply the research to a new page and blog content with confidence, knowing you are targeting keywords of value.

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