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SEO Audit Glasgow

An SEO Audit will let you know where your website stands in terms of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.  It will give you a breakdown of what is working and what’s not with your website.

Deciding to prioritise Search Engine Optimisation ie applying industry standards and best practices to your website. Is one of the most important marketing decisions a business can make. Customers, potential clients etc use Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Siri etc to search for the solutions to their problems. Search, after all, is just an “Answer Engine”. Therefore,  the importance of giving your website the best chance possible to appear in search should be a key priority. Knowing how your website is performing via an SEO website check like my SEO Audit is crucial in understanding how to improve your website and therefore your search rankings.  Making it easier for you to make ranking improvements.

SEO Audit Glasgow Price

Buy your Website SEO Audit today for only £39.99 and get another one FREE 30 days later.  Recurring monthly SEO audits are available contact for discounted pricing. You will receive a PDF containing a breakdown of everything listed below. Contact Me Today to buy your SEO Audit. Email over your Web Address to  once received  I will create the report and send it over with my invoice. Alternatively, fill in your Website URL and email below and buy via PayPal.

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Website SEO Report

My SEO Audit provides a comprehensive website analysis. This SEO analysis will help you to identify the multiple factors that may be impeding your website from reaching the first page on Google for your chosen search terms. Without this analysis, successful website promotion is basically impossible!!! However, both On-Page SEO ie The nuts and bolts of how your website is built and organised and Off page SEO ie the word of mouth signals from the internet that pass authority to your website must work together. For example, if you have excellent off page, external optimisation, with poor on page SEO then the positive effects of those authoritative signals can literally be reduced to zero. In other words, when someone lands on your website via a recommendation from a review website and the page they land on is slow, confusing menu structure or redirects to the wrong page etc then all that goodwill in getting the customer to the page is lost.  My SEO Audit report will help you maximise your landing strip.

Why improve your SEO ranking?

Search Engine Optimisation will help your brand be better recognised by Google. Having an SEO Audit of your website will allow you to identify the technical flaws in your website which are holding it back. Once fixed you will be on your way to success. The SEO audit gives your businesses website a fighting chance when competing online by providing invaluable information for you to act on.  

SEO Audit Checklist  includes

Moz Ranking

Alexa Ranking

Number of Backlinks

No of pages Indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo

Server Location

Http Status code

Meta Tags


Title Tags

Title Length

Page and Post Descriptions

H1, H2, H3 Tags

Missing H1 Tags

Pages Size


Low Word count Pages


External Links

Internal Links


Twitter Cards

Open Graph


Page Depth


And more.

Be competitive with SEO

After receiving the SEO Audit for your website the key is to implement the results found. I can implement most SEO actions and this is charged at an hourly rate. However, the report gives you all the key information you would need to implement it yourself or for an in-house web manager, etc to implement it. The most important thing I believe is to see and understand where your website is currently failing and then implement these changes into every update you then make. Ie The way blogs are written in the future, the way images are sized and described, the way Titles are used, etc. SEO is a long game, it is a meandering river that brings traffic time after time. This is not to be confused with PPC and the magic of instant traffic via paid adverts. However, this is an opportunity for you to understand more about your web presence and make inroads to being more competitive and eventually taking over the competition.

SEO Audit Results

Follow the recommendations made by my SEO Audit and, backed by my SEO expertise and your website positions and growth will start to move in the right direction.  The results of the Search Engine Optimisation website audit will allow you to peer under the hood and see what is not working.

Digital MOT

For a more in-depth online presence audit that includes an SEO Audit both On Page and Off Page, Social Media Audit, Customer Experience Audit, Growth Optimisation Audit, Speed and Security Tests, Keywords Research, Blog Audit, Local Search and Local Directory Audit, Content Audit and more then Check out my Digital MOT. Perfect for established brands wanting to understand every aspect of their digital online presence as well as for new and small businesses looking to start strong and push forward with confidence. My Digital MOT tests over 500 items across your digital presence!!

Local SEO Package

I offer a basic local SEO Audit for optimising your businesses Google My Business listing.

Other SEO Tasks for your Business to undertake.

Keyword Research

SEO Friendly Web Design

Ethical Link Building

Content Creation & Targeted Outreach

Dedicated Local SEO

Reporting & Analysis



Like the idea of learning SEO, getting your hands dirty and learning the dark art of SEO first hand? My SEO Book covers all the basics and will get you on the road to ranking your website fast.