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Lake Garda Photos

Lake Garda Photography

When in Rome as they say. This time I was not in Rome however I was close by! I travelled to Lake Gard in Italy for a family holiday with my Wife. Obviously being a passionate media producer I snapped a lot of photos. When I say a lot I really mean a lot !! Unfortunately, I could not post them all here, so I have curated a few and posted these up below to give you a flavour of the locations we visited whilst in Italy. Please note that these photos are just my holiday snaps, no major image editing or post-production trickery that I offer clients was done here. Just snap, upload and boom. Below are some of the photos I took in and around the Lake Garda area which is in the North of Italy. There are also a few images from the Dolomites as well.

All in all, I would highly recommend anyone thinking of visiting the Lake Garda regions of Italy to do it. The scenery was fantastic, the people were super nice, the food was ace and the beer was cold.  Thank you Lake Garda.




The yachts of Riva del Garda at the north of the lake.


The boats of the south .


The stillness of morning .


The grand Dolomites

Lake mountain

Mountains beyond the rainbow lake.

mountain 1

The might of the Dolomite

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