Photo Editing

I can offer a wide range of photo editing services from a simple spot and blemish removal, red eye removal, damaged photo restoration, promotional photo editing and almost everything else in between. In the past, I have been commissioned to produce edit band images for use on posters, banners to reworking old photos bringing them back to life after years of sun, scratches etc.

I primarily use Adobes Photoshop software and a graphics tablet to perform my detailed editing, however, I do have a range of software and various hardware options to cater for any image editing job.

I work on a per hour basis for photographic editing. Contact me now to discuss your photo editing project.

Example: Movie Posters using your loved one’s faces.

Here I photoshopped people into movie posters that they love. A perfect personalised gift.



Example : Restoring a damaged baby image.

The image was originally housed in a glass frame which had been broken resulting in the damaged image. The project aim was to remove all deep scratches from the image.

phot restoration

Example : Create a serious of images with an exciting visual impact.

Original images were supplied by the band “The Fall of Eve”. I took the images/ photographs and edited each individually, creating around ten edited images. I compiled a few of these edited images into the photo montage below.

The Fall of Eve Promo Photos

Example :  A fun promotional poster edit for The MMA Show. 

I took the top two images and combined them to make the third image.  The third image appears to have Connor MacGregor facing off against Scotlands Stevie Ray.


Ray-vs-Connor - Steven Ray vs Conno McGregor UFC Glasgow

Example : Big Robbs Hot Sauce Promo edit.

I was commissioned to make a poster for the launch of the Himalayan salt grinders. The image is made out of a number of other images to give the illusion the salt shakers are deep in the mountains.

Big Robb's Hot Sauce - Web , video, motion graphics mad by Robb Wallace media