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Why should you invest in a Motion Graphics?

Powerful animated graphics are utilised by every major brand


Why should you invest in a Motion Graphics for your brand, business, products etc?

Next level branding

Instant brand introduction

Professional look and association

Grab customers attention from the first second

They look amazing!

What is a Motion graphic?

Motion Graphics are usually short animated brand indents and stingers, popularly used by big brands like Nike, Coca Cola etc at the beginning or end of their video adverts, as well as TV features like the news and weather.

A motion graphic is essentially your graphics animated over time, for example, it could be animating your logo for an exciting and engaging intro, that tops all your upcoming videos. These “ motion intros” add weight to your branding message. Motion Graphics can be created to showcase anything and everything like your products, events, brands, websites etc.

However, they are not only for the big players, a quick search on YouTube and any reviewer, Vblogger, short filmmaker, business channel worth their salt, has a nice sleek motion graphics intro to their videos.

Animated intros are popular

Motion Graphics intros are becoming very popular for larger brands using the Facebook platform. One advantage of having an animated brand at the beginning of your next video is to take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature. Today most people have the autoplay feature switched ON by default, this means the first few seconds of your video will play as they scroll down their timeline, giving you the chance to maximise your brand and capture their attention long enough to hook them into the whole video.

Hopefully, I have demonstrated the value of the motion graphic, I use them, I recommend my clients use them. They are one of my keys to punching above your weight online.

Motion Graphics usage?

Use them for  :

Youtube, Facebook Fan Pages, Blogs, Short Films, Feature Films, Product Launch, Social channels and more.

SALES – this blog is about generating sales.

I can create any manner of motion graphic to add value to your brand. Adapting your logos, colours and fonts into something that you describe or I can go freestyle. Contact me to discuss your project. Robb Wallace Media is based Rutherglen near Glasgow and can provide Motion Graphics and deliver this digital product online anywhere in the World. Scotland to India.

Below are some examples of what can be done by me.




Below is the Magic Minds LTD motion intro, this gets added to every Magic Minds video. It quickly identifies the brand and their concept straight away, as well as adding that next level professional look to their video.


One of YouTubes top hot sauce reviewers Big Bill Moore, required a Spicy motion graphic for his channel. All his videos are topped with his intro motion graphic. The intro gives the viewers a good idea via the text and visuals of what Bill is about.

Commissioned via a local film maker to make an intro animation for the prestigious Scottish Chamber Orchestra, following their guidelines, fonts and colour pallets I created this. Instantly accessing the SCOs brand and website before every video.

In action, introduced at 14 seconds !!


Use them to create the whole adverts or promotional videos


Animations to highlight a specific feature or skill.

To create a virtual studio for broadcasting.

Or to showcase your nominations , categories, product lines etc.