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Media Training.

Our Media training is geared towards small businesses looking to tackle basic in house media production, develop new media strategies, optimise social media channels, leverage the power of smartphones, basic photography, image editing, video capture, video editing and more. Your customers want content, Google and Facebook want content. Our media training will give you the tools and the confidence to start making content.

In other words, this training is geared toward Scottish startups, new businesses and small businesses looking to “do as much as they can”  in-house.

Training is carried out at your premises, using the equipment that you have, I will adapt to your situation. Previous clients have been extremely impressed by my insights, knowledge and practical hands-on delivery. Contact me now for more information and to price your session.

What is Covered in the Media Training? 

Video Production 

The importance of video, basic theory, techniques, current trends, filming, editing and more.

Why? More and more video is being consumed online, FB, Instagram, Youtube! All major media agencies now encourage video as the main way to convey ideas online.


The rules that make a good photo, capturing images, photo editing, branding and more.

Why? The youth are leaving FB in their droves for the rich visual landscapes of Instagram.


Unlock the power you and all of your staff have access to, the modern smartphone is a portable media studio.

Why? Everyone has one, but not everyone knows how to take advantage of this technology.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Strategies, using your content, using others content, tips, tricks, tracking, scheduling, software and more.

Why? Social channels will continue to grow, evolve and diversify. More and more customers are expecting to do business and interact with their favourite brands via their social channels.

Facebook Live Streaming

The power of live streaming and how your business can take advantage of this free yet powerful technology to boost its presence.

Why? Because live broadcasting has so many benefits.


Learn how to use the power of blogging to boost your business.

Why? Google loves content and blogging provides you with an opportunity to inform, educate, promote. It is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference.


Basic Website SEO ideas. For instance, things to consider when trying to get ranked for your business Keywords.

Why? The better your content is optimised for search the more chance you have of it ranking well in google searches.

Website Audit

A basic website Audit using powerful software. On page SEO, Speed, keywords and more. This basic audit will show what is working and what is not for a full in-depth audit check out my Digital MOT 

Why? Is your website working? What are its weaknesses, its strengths, common mistakes etc? The stronger the website the greater the potential for attracting customers.


In today’s fast-paced digital spaces, we will look at the web as well as social media and what we can do to cover all the basics.

For a full online digital MOT click here 

A full days training delivered to a maximum of sixteen people. Contact me to check availability and prices.

Prices start from £500 for a full days training. Price includes up to ten participants at your office/facility. £50 PP for additional individuals over the ten.

Contact me now for more information and to price your session.