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Is a free online SEO website checker enough?


A free online SEO website checker – you say!!

A good place to frame my argument for “Why your business needs more than a free online SEO website checker “. Is with some quotes! These are not your typical SEO quotes but I think they will demonstrate my mindset pretty well.

“Knowledge of a precious thing is a far cry from acquiring that precious thing”

“Knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power”

Hence why I think your business needs more than a free online SEO website checker. Your business needs you to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and have enough savvy to implement it. By all means, delegate it to someone in your employment but keep your finger on the pulse.  Hence why you need someone who has the knowledge and the experience to understand what to look for. To understand what’s important and then to show you in a clear understandable manner, what to take action on. Below is an example of a mobile User Experience that may pass most SEO checkers. The reason it would pass is it is three layers down – read on to see.

However, in the past, I have searched Google and Bing for an SEO ranking checker, SEO score checker, Free website report, Website audit and many other similar search terms. If you are here then you are on the right track, your thinking down the correct lines and your business will soon see the rewards.

Free Automated Website Analyser

Free does not always mean good and experience does not always mean quality. However, there are no online audit tools that give you anywhere near what you need, to form a solid digital strategy for your online presence.

You can find a lot of information online about your business, about your digital footprint and how it is perceived online. And you can find similar information about your competition. But I am sure a trained professional like myself can find so much more and put it into the context of why and how it should be improved and the potential impact it is making on your business. Then you will be able to see how this information is affecting your bottom line.

Benefits of Online presence for your business

The benefits of complete online presence audit for your business in comparison to a free online SEO website checker are numerous. The main advantage is the human element, a free online test that reports meta tags, SERP, H1, backlinks or one that just gives random A+, B- like grades is only as good as the person’s understanding it. The other thing I do that no software can do is to physically interact with your online presence as a first-time customer and give real-world first-hand experience of the process. But I am not just a first time customer, I am also a highly skilled and experienced detective, that will be fine combing every aspect of your web presence as I navigate my way through every conceivable permutation of your online digital system.

The Digital MOT that I have developed here at Robb Wallace Media looks at every aspect of your Online Footprint using both state of the art software and over a decade of real-world online human experience. With around 30 tests and audits covering over 500 individual items!!  carried out including growth optimisation tests, customer experience audit, optimal keyword research, blog investigations, social media channel tests, local business listings and more I am sure to find the areas where your business can make improvements for the better.

Please understand that a website may pass many online software tests but still be utterly useless to a human. Due to a horrendous User Experience, an unreadable colour scheme, non-mobile friendly information, images, video, menus, links, bad redirects, out of date software etc. Or due to the negative experience being down two or three layers. Most scans are only done on the main top layer of the domain. This could cost you and your business lots in lost revenues. Some of the biggest companies in the world have fell foul of even the simplest human online digital presence checks. However, if you are looking for a quality ON Page and Off Page SEO Audit that comes with a simple breakdown of each resource tested I do sell a basic SEO Audit for only £39.99.

The British Airways example.- Performed on the 21/05/2019

I came across British Airways website after searching for high-level competitors to my Digital MOT. In my research, I came across an article titled “ British Airways: Reinventing the digital experience for airline passengers.”  Obviously, I was eager to read the article and see what I could learn from it and I did learn many things, one of which is noted above. Expensive solutions don’t automatically mean quality. The company that took on the challenge were called the “The BIO Agency” and they have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. They introduced many fantastic features but they missed the very basics of how a customer would interact with the brand via mobile.   You can read that article here

British Airways is a part of the International Airlines Group and is worth an estimated $4.5 billion yet it’s mobile booking system is horrendous – don’t trust me, check out the images below!!  

Google now indexes the mobile version of your website first, because this is how the world is now accessing the web. Yet an international company like BA that has lots of money to throw at its online presence, a company that you would think would have no holes in its online digital experience, has an ozone sized hole. Its mobile site is completely flawed. I cannot imagine how much money this mobile User Interface is costing BA each year. This is one example of how my Digital MOT backed by human experience will beat a free online SEO website checker every day of the week.

Image one 

This is the current British Airways Facebook adverts specifically sized for a full portrait experience. Ie designed to be viewed and interacted with via a smartphone. You scroll through Facebook and you are served one of these ads from BA, you like the look and you click on through to their website. 

SEO-website-checker-british-airways-1 SEO-website-checker-british-airways-2


Image Two, A

When you click on the Facebook advert and get directed to the BA website on your mobile at first it is user-friendly. The buttons are big and the layout is resized to the viewport. All in all the experience is ok. But this is as far as anyone in BA seems to have tested the experience beyond software tests. After selecting your options on this first level of the British Airways mobile website, you then press the big button to continue.  On the next page which is also mobile friendly, you have some more options then a big button to continue.


Image Two, B and C

After selecting your options the real battle begins. The next page is essentially a full-sized desktop web experience that has been forced into the small mobile viewport of a smartphone. The text in this UI (User Interface) is so small you need to pinch and zoom, then move the whole thing again and then again, pinch and zoom. Just take a moment to compare the font size between there mobile friendly screens and there final check out screens. Then when you have everything correct, you scroll to the bottom where you need to accurately click on the extremely small button under arrow C to continue.

online-SEO-website-checker-b online-SEO-website-checker-c



User experience, online sales is about user experience! Just look at the size of my big sausage fingers. The first part of the user experience was fine, the second part did not work for me. In all honesty, this is where I as a customer would abandon the process. I would either go back to google on my phone and begin my search again. Hopefully, this time with a competing provider with mobile-friendly user experience. Or email it to myself to be filled in at a later date when I can be bothered moving over to my laptop. By this time I may have lost all interest in that deal. The price may have gone up. The seats may have been booked etc.  All factors that will increase my chance of not purchasing.

Comparison Example Ryanair

A rising star in the flight industry is Ryanair.  They have taken great lengths to make sure that their entire booking process is accessible on mobile. It is clear, simple and at no point do I have to pause the buying experience to get my glasses, resize my screen or email it to the Laptop to experience it on a big screen.

online-SEO-website-checker-c online-SEO-website-checker-ryan-air2


Importance of online presence and the human element.

Hopefully, this example demonstrates two key things. That my Digital MOT is more than just an SEO website checker that generates an automated report.   Audits that are carried out without being followed up by an experienced user will miss critical items.  Looking at all aspects of the business online is more important to the whole experience than a simple SEO test. It is good to know what pages are returning 404s. What images need to be optimised. Which pages have no meta descriptions etc. BTW our Digital MOT gives you all this information as well. But understanding the information, finding it and showing the holes! This is what I do across every aspect of your digital online presence. 

Please note. I do not know the details of the digital transformation that the BIO agency was employed to carry out. All I know is that the mobile booking systems employed by one the UK’s leading airlines is highly flawed. And that this should have been highlighted back in 2017 when this Digital Transformation was taking place.


The benefits of online presence check are numerous, the key benefits are 


>Finding holes in your digital presence that could be effecting your profits and customer experince.

>Build a solid Customer Experience that delivers value, as well as respects their time, and privacy.

> Growth optimstion – Build clear online experiences which alow your customers to make purchases and interact with your brand.

>SEO & Online visibility – Understanding SEO audits, keywords, backlinks and to make your services visible.

>Speed and Security – Customers want it now not in 10 seconds! And they want to know that their data (Credit card, personal info etc) is in safe hands.


If your small business is based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Even if you are further afield and you are looking to improve your Digital Presence Online? Then check out my Digital MOT. My Online business audit checks over 30 key criteria with over 500 items tested. My Digital MOT delivers you an actionable report that will form a strong foundation to build the future from.


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