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82 Ways To Market Your Business


82 Ways To Market Your Business.  

The key to this list,  like most things in life,  is to do. Action is the heart and soul of how to market your business online, offline, in person, face to face, via email, social media, with video, images etc. The key to market your business is to do. In the wise words of Yoda

market your business

“Do or do not there is no try”.  

And another quote that will motivate you into action after you have read this extensive marketing list, shared it and left me a review!!

“knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power”.

Taking action is the way to market your business!

Below you have a great set of over 80 ways to market your business, read them, make notes, convert each idea into its many variables, so it is applicable to your business. Then make an action plan for each item and then, most importantly, make it happen. Yip that last part is the key – Take action.

business make it so

Marketing is a Long Game. 

Marketing like building a brand can manifest results in many ways. Some marketing strategies are designed to get direct sales there and then. Other strategies build trust and familiarity over time, for when the customer is ready to buy or use your kind of service they know where to turn. Don’t get disheartened if you see no immediate returns, we are in this for the long game. #Business

Define the problems your business solves.

This is a great way to market your business. Really highlight the problem that your industry faces and the solutions your product and services bring to the market. Most people are looking for a solution to their problem. Be it bad customer experience previously experienced or a car needing an MOT, or a report detailing a new business online digital footprint so they can improve it. Lead with the problems that your brand solves as the key way to market your business.

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Contents – 82 ways to market your business

1. Brand
2. Website Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Staff
5. New Customers
6. Past Customers
6. Local Community
6. Online Listings


1 Create a brand, Logo and Slogan

It all starts with the brand, the logo and the slogan. Most of the marketing tips and tricks laid out below rely on the assumption that you have a Brand, Logo and Slogan. If you do not have one, you need one! Make it clear, make it bold and make it relevant. Branding 


2  Car Stickers

Yip, I am starting with the beloved car sticker!! A great cheap way of getting your brand, web address, logo, products and services out there. Get creative and make them worthy of being stuck on someone’s car. Include them in product packaging, hand them out at events, talks and more.


3  Clothing

Hooded tops, T-shirts, Uniforms, Rain jackets, Umbrellas, Belt buckles, Gloves, Hats, Tea Towels…….  The options are unlimited. Print them with your web address, logo and slogan. Now you’re a walking billboard, print more and give them to your staff. Give some away in a competition! Make the design subtle and wearable and they will be worn. A simple logo badge with a web URL on the back works well.


4  Vehicle wraps

You don’t need to wrap your whole car!! Turn your vehicle into a billboard, everywhere you go, everywhere you park your business is collecting eyeballs.


5 Pay others to have their vehicles wrapped

If your business is located in a specific area then paying a local taxi in that area to get wrapped could make sense. A local billboard on wheels.


6 Business Cards

The classic marketing tool, make sure your information is up to date! Hand them out at every opportunity, perfect for networking and securing business. Make sure you always have some on you.


7 Other printed goods.

Be it posters, carnival style boards, mugs, keyring, pens whatever fits with your brand and mission.


Website Marketing

8  Website

First off, make sure you have one!!  FI not I can help 🙂 Your website is open 24/7, make sure it’s optimised and has the information that your potential customers are expecting. For website info click here. For Digital MOT covering SEO, UX, content and more Click here


9  Blog

Blog, Blog, Blog – Bring your customers to your Brand with relevant content that gives them value, engages them and excites them. Blogging is also a great way to boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation and Visibility). Make a list and get writing. BTW this is a blog!


10  Podcast

Video podcasts uploaded to YouTube or Facebook can be made with only your Smartphone! Decide on your topic and get slavering, I would recommend making a plan first!! Invite guest on, establish yourself as a Key Industry Person and as always Brand, Brand, Brand.   For more info on what can be done with just a phone check out


11  Discount Codes

A classic used by every major online retailer. Discount codes can be long running or created for specific events and time frames. Everyone loves a discount code!! Send them to loyal customers, send them to new customers, send them to your granny!! Send them to everyone!! Add specific codes to the end of blogs or on to your Car Wraps, or per episode of your new Podcast.  Make them exclusive.


12  User Generated Content

From reviews of your products and services to expert opinions and more. If you have a solid community built around your brand and they are willing to give there time and expertise to create content with your products and services then encourage it and share it. Make this content into a feature on your website or cut it into content for your blogs or social media channels.


13  Personal Endorsements from Industry Leaders

Reach out to the established names in the industry and see if they will endorse, recommend or review your products and services. Alternatively, see if they have some courses, sign up for them, once completed you can use there brand on your website with regards to the courses, training etc completed. It also makes it easier to reach out to them for a personal endorsement if you have been trained by them !!  Association is powerful.


14  Display Your Awards

So you have four regional awards but no one knows about them!! Stand proud, beat your chest and let everyone know. Awards are a great way of signalling to the customer that you take pride in what you do and that standards are high. A sign of quality. But don’t just make it about you and your awards, remember your serving the customer!


15 Money Back Guarantee

Signal confidence in your products and services, let your customers know that you are so confident that you will give them 30, 60 90 days to return the item, see results from the service etc. Used by major retail brands like Amazon.


16  Bonus Items

Everyone like a wee bonus item, be it a free car sticker, a bespoke discount code, an extra training video, or a private episode of your podcast. A wee extra to make the customer feel super special.


17 Promote your clients via Case studies

A fantastic way to show prospectus customers the quality of your products and services could bring to them. Use Video, Blogs, Images to display Before and After, to show the results received. Brilliant for social proof, positioning of your brand and as always it produces great content for social media.


18  Free Trials

Like the money back guarantee, free trial lessons the risk a customer has to take to enter your ecosystem. If your products are as good as you say they are,  then they will stay after the free trial has ended. Netflix, Amazon prime are just two examples of the free trial !!


19  Free Digital Products – PDFs, Templates, Images

Again everyone loves a wee bit of free. This could be anything from free rafting photos on every white water rafting trip like Splash White Water Rafting does, to a free cheat sheet for photography, to a free product sample with every purchase. Get creative and get giving.


20  Beginners courses – Online training FREE

A great way to show your expertise and position yourself as a market leader and to bring potential customers of your higher tier products and services.


21  Vouchers – Birthdays, Christmas, etc

Allow your customers to buy vouchers. A  £5000 voucher towards a fitted kitchen for an extra special wedding gift. £1000 Voucher towards a new website. A Voucher for a set meal for two.  Whatever you sell have a voucher option!!


22  Email Lists

Obviously, you will need to comply with the GDPR, but it is easy enough to ask customers at purchase, or via your website, social media channels etc to sign up to your email list. But don’t be spammy (possibly the fastest way to lose your customers). Instead, offer them value, make your emails worth opening and make them worth reading. Seriously, who reads those sales emails that companies are firing out 10 a day!! Look at Netflix (I keep on using them, I wonder why?)  or another big brand, see what they are doing and steal their ideas as a way  to market your business.


23  Optimise for SEO

Everything you do online with regards to your brand, service and products should be optimised for SEO and Google. People ask Google questions and google answers them. Where your website is in that list of answers is directly related to your websites SEO. My Digital MOT can help.


24  Website Chat

The youth of today love to use messenger systems, be it WhatsApp, FB messenger, Snapchat etc. So add one to your website and get ready to push your brand and services over messenger.


25  Free Consultation

1hr, 2hr etc Again lessens the risk the customer is taking to enter your service. Once you show them your expertise in that one hour the sale will be yours.


26  Referral or Affiliate program

Get your fans and evangelist of your products and services out there selling your services for you. Start an affiliate or referral programme and give them 10%  (or whatever makes sense to you) to spread the word. Get hosting on Siteground and use my code, just click the link- best Hosting around!!  :


Social Media Marketing

27  Twitter

Create a page, brand it and link it to your website. Set up a schedule and post our products and services, news, information, images, video and more related to your brand. Hashtag your posts.  Hashtags are used by all major social media platforms to group content together. Ie When I post this blog I will be adding the hashtags #business #Glasgow #marketing. When someone searches for those Hashtags my content will be in that group.


28  Instagram

Create an account, brand it and link it to your website. Set up a schedule and post out lots of images and video of your products and services, news, information and more related to your brand.  Remember your Hashtags!! You can also tag your products and services directly on the images and sell direct via Instagram. Find the biggest brand in your field and copy their Hashtags as a place to start! Boom.


29  IG TV

It’s Instagrams version of YouTube with one exception! IGTV is focused on vertical or portrait format videos. It is linked to your Instagram account and is good for posting longer videos on the platforms. Get creative with your phone and make videos.


30  YouTube

The king of the video platforms !! The second largest Search engine in the world. Video like any other skill can be learnt, in fact, Youtube is a great place to find excellent tutorials. My book Smartphone Media Production is another great place to learn how to make video. It will show you how to Plan, Capture, Edit and Distribute your videos, with relevant apps, how-tos and cheat guides. Anyway, the key is action, you need to make the videos, the more you make the better you will get! Make general videos, product videos, how to videos, reviews, directions to your location, video offers…. and get them branded and uploaded to Youtube. Set up your channel with links to your website and your other social media channels.


31  Facebook Page

Free marketing gold. Facebook has so many tools to market your business. That is why every business, no matter what niche or industry you are in should have a Facebook page set up. A great place to share your photos, videos, expertise, products and services. Make sure your content is fresh and engage with your customers. Answer comments, messages and stay active. Engagement is key.


32  Facebook Group

Specialist closed groups where you invite loyal customers or interested folks. With every purchase, you gain access to my exclusive FB group where I share my inner secrets !! If you have a group make sure you’re keeping it active, with fresh content, questions, observations, polls etc. These are a great place to share your expertise and gain a loyal following.


33  Facebook Events

If you have a Facebook account you’ve probably been invited to many Fb events over the years. If you’re running events, you are going to have a stall at x and x or you have a gig or you are doing some free training. Create a FB event and let people know. Share it, invite others. It’s all free marketing and it makes sit easy for others to share your event and invite their friends, associates etc.


34  Facebook Competitions

Everyone loves a competition! Make it easy to enter, I can guarantee that a Facebook comp where the candidate has to jump through five or six hoops to enter or leave Facebook entirely to return and enter will bear no fruit. Keep it simple, Stupid (KISS). Like, Share and Comment or Tag your friends to enter our fantastic Giveaway for a new website or one month’s Social Media Management. Or for a free family takeaway night. The key for me is to get them to comment! Once the comment you can invite them to your page and hopefully keep them in your loop. Not always about the short game!



35  Facebook Live streams

A great place to broadcast a regular TV show. Tune in every Friday night and cook something fresh with Robb our award-winning Master Chef, the man behind Big Robbs Hot Sauce Kitchen. Get your questions answered by him, get his top tips and tricks – LIVE- Every Friday at 7 pm!. We will post up the ingredients every Thursday night so you can cook along at home. Create a FB event for your Friday night live stream cooking show. Boom


36  Twitter Live Stream

Pick another day of the week and another topic and get broadcasting!!


37  Youtube Live stream.

Pick another day of the week and another topic and get broadcasting!! Use different channels to see which is best for engagement or a particular service or kind of video. Then refine and improve it.


38  Instagram Live Streams

If your live streaming why not make each channel-specific ie FB for Cooking Friday, Instagram is Q and As on the Saturday night about the Friday lesson. Encouraging engagement across different channels.  Again analysis of whats working whats not and refine.


39  Facebook Adverts

Pay to play – A quick way to get eyeballs and engagement on your products and services. Spend as much or as little as you want. Lots of free resources to learn and master FB PPC. Lots of business swear by Facebook advertising, you can use it to sell products direct, boost engagement, direct potential customers to FREE items, Offers, Discounts etc. If you send them to your website you can track them via FB pixel and retarget ads to them when they come back to Facebook!! Awesomeness.


40  Google Adverts

If you haven’t built up your SEO and for whatever reason, for example, you haven’t had time to optimise your organic traffic for the long game. Then Google PPC is a great way to Pay to Play to get instant ranking for your preferred Keywords in the Google search results.


41  Linkedin Adverts

Same again Pay to Play but within the Linkedin ecosystem, great for Business to Business dealings, job offers, products and services.


42 YouTube Adverts

It’s the second largest search engine on earth. Ie there is a lot of relevant traffic for you to advertise too.  A great place to push your product and services via adverts. Adverts can be pop-ups, banner and video ads.


43 YouTube Videos

Create content and get it up on YouTube. Turn your expertise into leads and new customers. Group your videos together into playlists. You can make a playlist using any videos on YouTube. Create playlists for your Brands subjects, use popular videos in your playlists and then add your videos to it! Ie A new Playlist called “Make your WordPress site lighting fast” – 5 videos in the playlist with your instructional as one amongst them. When people watch those playlists on Auto your video will play, make sure it is of a similar standard!!   When you get good at making content and push over the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. You can apply to become a partner and start making extra cash on your videos. Some of those gaming kids are making millions of dollars!! Need video?


44  Instagram Video

Repurpose that YouTube video into a Square and push it out on Instagram as well. There are plenty of mobile video editing apps that have this functionality for free.


45  IG TV

If your videos are too long for Instagram upload them to IGTV. Remember though that IGTV is all about portrait video.


46  Facebook Video

Facebook is doubling down on Video, trying to compete with Youtube. It now has lots of features and options for video. From video headers, dedicated watch pages, playlists and even a new social media Influencers monetisation option like YouTube. Need Facebook Video?


47  Memes

Lots of places online to make MEMES, make them, brand theme and share them out on all of your social media channels. meme


48  Birthday Parties/ gifts for employees – Happy staff happy clients

Word of mouth is still the King of Marketing techniques. Treat your staff well and they will be a walking billboard for your products and services. Treat them like crap and they will sabotage your brand at every opportunity. You choose.


49  Staff Referral bonus

If they’re bringing new customers to the table reward them. Make them ambassadors of the brand and they will keep working (Wearing branded clothing, pulling in new customers etc)  even when they are not officially working.happy-staff-marketing

New Customers

50  Ask new clients for referrals

Did you love the service? Then why not recommend us to your friends, clients, etc etc. As a thank you, we would like to give you one free class, one free month, one free bumper sticker, one free burger etc for each new referral.


51  Ask for reviews

Most people are busy with life. They would happily leave you a review,  but life is fast, busy and full of distractions. So as they leave your premises or as they finish with your product or service you can almost guarantee that there will be something else ready to eat up there attention and take up there time. So make a point of asking for that precious review. Ask via email, social media, in person, via business review cards that specifically ask for reviews. It’s the online equivalent of word of mouth and Google loves looking at reviews as a signal of quality. You can leave a positive review here on my Google My Business and remember to use the keyword “Marketing” and leave your businesses web URL etc in that review.customer-reviews

Past Customers

52  Postcards

Past customers have not been seen for a while, send them a postcard. Make it personal and welcome them back with some excellent offer, discount code or bespoke awesomeness just for them.


53  Christmas cards to clients

Everyone loves to feel special, everyone loves the personal touch. Don’t make them completely tacky and impersonal. Do brand them as a product on the back, you want them to know without a doubt that they came from you.christmass-cards

54  Backlinks

Backlinks are gold and a key Google ranking factor in search. If applicable ask past customers to either give you a link on their site, write a bit about the job you did or offer to write them a blog post and include your web URL. Call out to business partners and suppliers to get them to list your website on theres.  Backlinks are marketing GOLD!! Feel free to send a few to this article if you enjoyed it and it gave you massive value 🙂backlink-marketing

Local Community

55  Local Business Breakfast Club

Every city, and town has at least one local business breakfast club. Some only allow one business from each category, some are free, some have a fee. These are an excellent way to meet other business owners and get your name out there, make connections and gain sales.


56  Local Business Gateway

A great place to meet others in business, spark conversation about your products and services and the problems they solve.  And always build your brand name.


57  Stalls & Tables

Farmers markets, local fets, specialist events, pop up shops etc. Buy a stall or table, lay out your products, give away some sweets, stickers, run a comp (Try the classic business card in a bowl comp, a great way to collect all the passersby cards. Then follow up the next day with a, sorry you never won our comp at x and x but here is a 10% off voucher for being such a good egg and participating. Foot in the door and you never know you may make some sales.


58  Car Boot Stalls

Early bird catches the worm. Plenty of traders from all walks of life selling everything under the sun. It’s cheap and you can sell your stuff here and build brand awareness in your locality all at once. You never know who may be out looking for a bargain that day.


59  Radio

If you have a specialist or see a news story etc related to your expertise then don’t just whip up something for social media or your blog. Call your local and national radio and see if you can wangle a spot. They are always looking for content!


60  Podcast

Make a list of the potential podcast that you could easily guest upon. Find there details and contact them all until you start getting regular attendance. Great way to build your reputation.


61  Give Talks – Community, Schools, Meetups

Be it on a product, a service, a solution you bring to the industry, how you got into the industry, your top ten tips, how you approach a particular problem etc Get contacting all the groups where you can fit your expertise in and remember to film them, even just parts of them and get some pics, hand out cards, bumper stickers etc. We are after all in full Marketing mode!!  


62  Meet and Greet or Open office days

Open your office to clients and potential customers, to staff family and friends. Provide some food, play some games and make sure you take some pics and make some video then get it shared out on social and via your blog. You never know who may turn up.


63  Demonstration Days

Whatever it is you do, make a day and demonstrate it. Or take your demonstration to the road, shopping malls, supermarket entrances, sports centres, national industry exhibitions. Make a sing and dance about your products and services as no one else will!!


64  Charity Work

Most charities are critically underfunded, even more so for small local charities that rely on volunteers for everything. These charities are always looking for skilled, experienced individuals or groups to contribute. Contact a local charity or two that resonates with your business core values and offer them whatever it is you do. Most charities will be happy to then leave you a review, post out your contribution on their social media or write up a blog etc for there own Website. You can also take the work done and write a blog about it, content that shows your business is run by humans. Always a positive. This will also spread positive words my mouth about your business.


65  Local Business Magazines

When I stayed in Prestwick, in South Ayrshire I used to get one of these through the door every 2nd month. It was rammed with local business adverts, articles and promotions. Find yours and get in about it.


66  Sponsorship

Sponsor a local football team, sports club, reading group, kid that needs surgery. If it resonates with you and you have the means to contribute, then do it.  It can be a great direct and indirect way of getting your name and brand out there.


67  Local Festivals

Every town in Scotland seems to have its own long stand local festival. Contact your local newspaper, council, local FB group and see what is happening and then get involved. Again Whatever you do,  create content around it and get that content branded and added to your social media, website, blog etc.


68  Town Centre Leafleting

I have never been a big fan of leafleting. Let me clarify, I mean hiring someone to anonymously stand in the centre of town and look blankly into the dead soulless sky while holding out information products that have no resonance with them. However I am in favour of handing out flyers when you have passion and purpose and the flyer is actually secondary to human contact, introducing people face to face to the brand, the services etc – Print a hundred and take to the streets. #networking


69  School Careers Advice Talks

Are you a specialist, or just have 20 years experience in your field then take your brand to the school, College and University arenas and give talks, guest lectures on the best paths to follow to secure employment in your field. Give them points on what is important etc within your industry and as always hand out business cards, stickers etc and cement your Website URL into their minds before finishing your task.


70  Business Card Boards – Local Cafes, etc

Local Chinese takeaways, local breakfast roll shops, local supermarkets and more often times have a business card cork board. Be sure to always have a business card or 30 on you and don’t be shy about muscling a few cards out the way to get yours up on those boards.


71  Meetup and other local groups

There are lots of website out there that have events happening near you just now. Groups and meetups for every kind of niche, interest and passion project you can think of. So log on, sign up and go promote your expertise, passion and brand.


72  Donate Prizes to Local Fundraisers

Local charities, Football Teams, Darts Teams, School Groups, Radio stations etc are always looking for some prizes for there fundraisers. Make sure that you give them your “Propaganda” ie Brand Logo, URL, Slogan and don’t be shy to say that you would like a shout out on social media, website, newspaper, blog etc and a review. The more success you have the more you can give back to the community.


73  Get In Touch With Your Local Newspapers.

Be there resident expert in whatever field your business specialises in. Contact them when your working with a charity, donating prizes, sponsoring a local team, releasing new services and products.  They need content, they need positive local stories!!


74  Enter Business Awards

Enter as many business awards as you can. Some are free some cost – find the ones that resonate with you and get promoting yourself in it. If you win or not, just having your company etc associated with the award is powerful marketing. If you win or come in as a runner up, then get that logo up on your website, FB etc. We are building a brand here 🙂Business-awards

Online Listings

75  Gumtree Listings

Free to list almost anything. Get listing !!


76  Free Web Listings And Directories

There are hundreds of these from the yellow pages to 118. It takes time to fill them in but it’s worth it!! These are also instrumental in Local SEO.


77  Quora

People ask questions, you answer them and always you leave your brand as a signature which allows them to find your Website, Facebook, Youtube etc as an example of the answer. There are lots of questions to answer. Signup and get answering, show potential customers your expert knowledge and they may choose your service.


78  Reddit

There is a Reddit or SubReddit forum on almost every subject known to humankind. Signup and get interacting with potential customers. Specialise in your field and give expert knowledge and advice and folk will be chapping at your door soon enough.


79  Forums Specialist

Back when the internet was young and Facebook was just an idea in bold Marks mind, the masses congregated in Internet Forums and discussed everything and anything. There is a Forum out there for almost everything. From art to SEO, Marketing to Cooking. Find yours, signup and get involved. Remember to brand everything you do, make it as easy as possible for interested parties to find their way back to your content


80  Other Facebook Groups.

So you’ve been putting in massive action and you now have your own Facebook group! Congrats, good work, now it is time to add yourself to lots of similar groups and again get active. Comment, share, engage, interact and as always, indirectly pump out your brand and your content.


81  Guest Blogs

Write for other folks. Yes, it is as easy as that. Make sure that they will give you a backlink and some social shares before writing. Or if it is a well know industry website,  write the article and then use it as social proof on your own channels. Brand, Brand, Brand.


82  Product reviews

If you use x, y and z products almost every day or month, then give them a review. Ie A small roll shop leaving a GMB review for a local dairy where they purchase their milk and cheese. Remember to include your brand in the review.product-reviews


Conclusion of 82 Ways to Market Your Business

Remember that every time you post out there on the world wide web or make interaction in public etc. Make sure that you have given that prospective customer enough of a cookie trail to get them back to your website, Facebook, products and service.

As you can imagine if you were to employ all 82 ways to market your business would take a considerable amount of time. I would recommend shortlisting the ideas that really resonate with your marketing strategy and develop these ones. Employing the other ideas sporadically throughout your marketing efforts as you market your business.

As always if you have enjoyed this then Share, Comment and Review. You can leave a positive review here on my Google My Business and remember to use the keyword “Marketing” in the review. Also marketing 101, leave your own businesses web URL etc in that review.

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Stay awesome