Magic Minds Ltd- Motion Graphics- Editing- YouTube Optimisation

Magic Minds Ltd

Magic Minds Ltd is run by Davie McConnachie, he is a leading peak performance coach and motivator based in the Glasgow area. I have done video editing, podcast, motion graphics and Youtube Optimisations for Magic Minds ltd. For more information on Magic Minds click here

Social Media Optimisation.

YouTube optimisation, I optimised Magic Minds Ltd YouTube channel, bringing the power of YouTube to assist in the growth of the Magic Minds brand and business. Utilising the tools and power of Google to make the videos being uploaded count.

Magic Minds Youtube Channel

Motion Graphics

I created the Magic Minds intro motion graphic. A short precise animation that brings the original graphic to life, this gives a nice high-end look and feel and reaffirms the brand in a sleek and professional manner.


Seminar footage.

The seminar footage was not filmed by me, I took the footage and put together various testimonial videos and a promo video for further seminars.

Develop your Mind promo

For more information about Magic Minds Ltd click here.

For more information on video production, video promotion, video editing, motion graphics Youtube optimisation get in touch with me here or via email at

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