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Health Made Simple- Full media package by Robb Wallace Media.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful.

Health Made Simple is one of my own books, a lifelong quest to get to the bottom of health.  A personal mission to distil the simplest and most important information relevant to health,  a mission to find the key information that will make the greatest improvements to my health.

The Health Made Simple brand has seen me create extensive media over the years. It is here within my own brands that I learn, adapt and road test all the skills that I use to add value to your business. Below is some examples of the media I have created.

Health Made Simple- Full media package by Robb Wallace Media.

Health Made Simple Book Cover.

The original book cover showed the various elements covered within the book, visual and grabbing, this was designed with no real thought about the segment, the market or the trends in best selling book covers. The new book cover for the second revision of Health Made Simple has been created with a clearer vision in mind. Research! research, research. These are just two of the many questions I asked before designing the new and improved cover. Which colour dominates the Health book market? Which book cover style is employed by the genres best sellers? Will it work, we will see!

Health Made Simple Adverts by Robb Wallace Media


I have created many adverts, the most successful were the silhouette adverts, which I will be using again with the relaunch. A simple visual concept that is easily understood by everyone.


I built a simple e-commerce website to sell my ebook. The  website is clear and simple, it is geared up to deliver  E-book sales direct from the website allowing customers to choose the best Ebook format for their device (.Epub, .mobi, .PDF), payment processing and ebook delivery are instant after payment all integrated into the Health Made Simple website built by Robb Wallace Media.   The website is fully responsive and will resize to any device, laptop, tablet and mobile for excellent access on any platform.

The Health Made Simple website also plays a vital role in the new media delivery of extra content linked within the e-book, like video demonstrations, audio and extra downloadable content. For more information on our websites click here. 

Social Media

The main focus of the Health Made Simple social media is Twitter. Twitter has allowed me to build up a good following and make direct contact with some of the biggest players in the industry. I have extensive experience in using Facebook pages as a social medium. Health Made Simple was my first attempt to get in to and learn about Twitter and its processes for engaging the customer. I have currently set up the Health Made Simple Facebook page as a simple re poster of the Health Made Simple twitter feed.

Contact me now to see how my full media package, websites, social media experience etc  can add value to your business.