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DMC Fitness – Videos- Video Editing- Social Media

DMC Fitness is a top private gym based in the Glasgow area, ran by Davie McConnachie. It offers a personalised one to one coaching service focusing on all aspects of health and fitness. The aim is to transform lives through the power of exercise and positive mindsets. I found the environment for working here very uplifting and motivating.  I worked with Davie and his team ie the ‘DMC crew’ for over three years, in this time I made a lot of videos, graphics, audio tracks, motion graphics as well as social media posting for DMC Fitness and Magic Minds Ltd, Davies other company.

Filming for DMC  Fitness

I have done a lot of filming for Davie at DMC. I believe Davie to be a bit of a maverick, from day one he had a clear vision to give his customers reference material in the form of videographics, audio and manuals to continually motivate and inspire their individual journeys to health, fitness, recovery and transformation. Below are just a few examples of the work done.

Small Group Personal Training Promo Video

Miss Scotland 2015 fitness test promo film.

DMC training montage edited together from DMC personal archive.

 Exercise Videos

I have filmed multiple exercise and routines mixing them into short video clips for DMC Fitness. This is an example of the Ab video.


Social Media Optimisation.

YouTube optimisation, I optimised these Glasgow companies YouTube channel bringing the power of YouTube to assist in the growth of DMC brand and business. Utilising the tools and power of Google to make the videos being uploaded, count.

DMC Fitness YouTube Channel

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DMC Fitness – Video Production, Video Editing and Social Media Optimisation Glasgow

DMC Fitness