Digital MOT

What is a Digital Marketing MOT?

Our Digital MOT is designed to help new & small businesses tackle the new digital frontier that all business must embrace.

Robb Wallace Medias Digital Marketing MOT is for all new & small businesses struggling with their online presence. In fact, most small businesses are primarily focused on products and services, producing high standards, networking, providing quality customer experiences. It is understandable that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the businesses digital footprint and its fast pace of change.

Given these points, our Digital MOT will assess the various aspects of your online business presence, charting what is working and what is not, what is missing and how to include it. Firstly, this will be presented in a report of actionable points, this can be presented to you in a one to one meeting where each aspect of the digital assessment can be communicated clearly, giving you the power to transform your online business. The report and analysis generated are digital and can be conveyed over Skype or just emailed.

How much is a Digital MOT?

Our digital marketing audit that will investigate all aspects of your brand’s online identity the web and social is £1000.

Why do a Digital MOT?

So why do A digital audit of how your business interacts with your customers and clients online? Simple so you can deliver better service, find holes in your game and maximise profits. 

The world of business is moving fast, digital adoption or the lack of it could be the difference between thriving or surviving.  For instance, Google as a company is only 21 years old! Digital is a storm and it is coming for us all. However, the digital MOT will give you a clear overview of how your clients are seeing your business, brand and digital assets online. Above all, it will allow you to understand how Google is seeing your brand and digital assets online. In addition, we will produce a clear road map of how you can improve each aspect of your digital presence (Website, videos, images, SEO, social media, listings).  In today’s digital frontier having a solid presence online that covers all of your bases is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

The Digital MOT is conducted using a number of software packages, online tests, unique audits, this information is reviewed with my ten plus years of digital expertise to produce your businesses Digital MOT. 

What will you receive from Robb Wallace Media’s Digital MOT Audit?

You will receive your digital audit detailing an overview of what is currently working well and what could be improved. The report will also include all tests run, analysis and overview of what the results mean, as well as recommendations for improvements.

Why choose our Digital Marketing MOT?

Robb Wallace has over ten years of experience working with online brands. We have looked at the competition, what they offer is good but it falls in comparison to the sheer depth of insight that will be revealed from our digital mot. However, information is only one aspect of an online audit, understanding the information is what sets us apart from the competition.

Digital Transformation

I chose “Digital MOT” as a term that conveys by association the idea of your website being road worthy!!  Just like the MOT determines the roadworthiness of your car via a 35ish tests. However,  the term is kind of unique to Robb Wallace Media, other terms include digital transformation, digital marketing MOT, Website mot, digital audit, pre-digital transformation test, business digital presence, marketing audit. Rest assured that the Digital MOT will comprehensively look at how your business is presenting online.

Quick questions to get you thinking about your businesses online space.

How do you think your online presence is at the moment? Rank out of 10

When people search for your business or company online, what do they find?

How much time and effort do you give to your online footprint? 1 hr a week? 5 hr a week?

What search terms do you want Google to show your information for?

Can people find your social media? Google search, FB search

Does your website load fast?

What do online reviews say about your brand?

Is purchasing an online product or service seamless?

Is it easy to interact with your brand online?


  • More than 50% of Brits think small businesses are falling behind when it comes to embracing digital.

  • Six in 10 people would like to see small businesses in their local area have a website. (This is scary!!)

  • More than five in 10 people (56%) think small businesses in their local area will be more successful if they embrace digital.


Key aspects of the Digital MOT – Each aspect of the digital Assesment for your business will be provided with pros, cons and solutions.

  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Website Analysis
  • Keyword Audit
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Marketing overview
  • Blog Audit
  • Reviews Audit
  • Website Speed check
  • Website mobile check
  • Social Media Presence and Check
  • Backlink Audit
  • Google Business Audit
  • Local directory Check
  • The consistency of language, brand, logo, price etc
  • Video Audit
  • Photography Audit
  • As well as a variety of other tests to benefit your business.

Book your Digital MOT and see how your business can transform its digital footprint online. Claim your online space and stay competitive.

Cost = £1000 – Includes analysis and report.

Robb Wallace Media is based in Rutherglen, Glasgow. However, this audit of your digital presence and online footprint can be conducted remotely, with the full report being sent via email and or skype/facetime. Robb Wallace Medias digital MOT serves more than just the local area of Glasgow.