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CVOEA Website Recovery and Rebuild

I was put in contact with CVOEA by a friend with regards to making them a new CVOEA website. When I contacted CVOEA, I was asked to submit a proposal with regard to the new website with costings, time to implement etc. I submitted the costings and was given the go ahead.

Under further investigation, I found that the organisation was not in need of a new website. There had been a previous website and it had gone down and therefore needed to be recovered.

Recovery VS New Website

A website needs Backlinks from other websites to tell Google that it is worth, that it is of value. Backlinks are the key factor to off page SEO (Local SEO, SEO Audit, Digital MOT) Recovering the website keeps most of these signals, these digital words of mouth intact. And this would help the new website gain some of its previous rankings when rebuilt. A new site would be just that, NEW. There may be backlinks to the domain but all backlinks to any of the other pages and posts would be lost and be directed to a 404 (A page with nothing there – not good.) So I chose Recovery, a harder option and one that I had not quoted for, but I made my bed and I got on with the job.


I found that the previous website designers host, went into bankruptcy and when their ship sank they took down all of the websites hosted on their servers. So I had to now find the previous websites site structure to keep the backlinks in place.

Wayback Machine

Using the internets archive, ie the Way Back Machine I was able to locate and rebuild the previous websites structure. This was extremely important for SEO, gather page content and for keeping all of the backlinks and page authority relatively intact. The Wayback machine also allowed me to generate most of the page content with regards to the main pages. However, a good few pages were out of date but this was easily rectified.


Final Website Results

I reclaimed the website from the depths of the internet and then rebuilt it on there own hosting package. Which means they are in control, with no chance of the last drama re-occurring and all whilst keeping most of the key content pages and page authority intact which is fantastic for SEO.

Without my experience in reclaiming and building websites of this nature. The website would have been a simple website with a different page structure and none of the backlinks being directed to their proper locations. This would have told Google that the page was broken and subsequently made their page authority and SEO tank. IE their search visibility would have tanked.

If you are looking for a website built for speed and SEO then get in touch.