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Glasgow Promotional Video Smartphone

Glasgow promotional video that anyone can make. Below is a short Glasgow promotional video that I made on my Samsung Glasgly S7 smartphone a few years ago, it was one of many short films I made to promote my new book “Smartphone Media Production”. What is really interesting about this kind of promo video, is everyone can make a video like this and the best thing is we already have the equipment at hand. However, not everyone has the knowledge, an understanding of the rules, understanding about how to think about video, awareness of the free tools that can simplify … Read more

TFOE Devil

The Fall of Eve – “The Devil Never Sleeps” – Music Video Breakdown

Robb Wallace Media -Music Video Breakdown! Band -The Fall of Eve Song “The Devil Never Sleeps” The Fall of Eve – Music Video Breakdown! After successfully making The Fall of Eves- “Destiny” music video, I was contacted again by Laura and Mike about making their new video “The Devil Never Sleeps”. The initial concept for the video outlined by the band. Their concept was of a dark and light version of the lead singer Evangeline, this dual aspect of the character would be moving between light and dark worlds via a mirror, she is being chased by the devil/evil which … Read more

face fire 2

The Fall of Eve – Destiny Music Video

The Fall of Eve – Destiny Music Video I was contacted through my Hingway Films Facebook page by the band. Check out Hingway Films Facebook page here and our films here. Hingway Films is where my self and the mighty Greg Andrew make short films, these films are made for fun and are a great place for us to hone our skills. I was very excited about working with The Fall of Eve, (Facebook)as a youngster I jammed many an hour with guitarist Michael at the local youth centre and had been loosely following his musical career ever since. Making … Read more