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What is SEO

What is SEO?  My insights. Every business wants visibility for their products and services. The sad truth is most businesses have a website with no visibility. They purchase a website or create the website themselves, put up a few products, a few images, some descriptions and then leave it, abandon it. And then for the next x amount of years, it just exists out there in the Internet wilderness, alone, unloved and unproductive. This is why a website needs SEO. Purpose of a website I think that the purpose of a website for most businesses is to be a portal … Read more


Is a free online SEO website checker enough?

A free online SEO website checker – you say!! A good place to frame my argument for “Why your business needs more than a free online SEO website checker “. Is with some quotes! These are not your typical SEO quotes but I think they will demonstrate my mindset pretty well. “Knowledge of a precious thing is a far cry from acquiring that precious thing” “Knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power” Hence why I think your business needs more than a free online SEO website checker. Your business needs you to understand the basics of Search … Read more


5 free photo resources to grow your social media 2019

5 free image resources to skyrocket your social media, web and blog in 2019 These 5 free photo resources will help you to grow your social media presence, posted here on Robb Wallace Media in 2019. As you know looking for good images, beautiful images, scenic photographs, corporate photography etc to fit your social media profile can be tricky. If you have got your self into the bad habit of Googling and then just stealing the first good image that you see then you could have left your self open to a copyright claim. The other bad thing about google … Read more


Two things every Glasgow Business should do now

Two things every Glasgow Business should do now.   Evidently, there are more than 2 things that every new Glasgow Business must do and should do. However, you probably understand that starting a new business or managing a small business means wearing many hats and almost always losing a few of them. Start your Glasgow Business on the right foot by delving deep into these 2 “golden nuggets” and lay a solid foundation for future success.   Over the years I have started around five businesses in the Glasgow area and all but this one ( has failed. These insights … Read more


Google My Business Rank 2019

How to Rank in Google My Business 2019 First, off I am looking for a quality Google Review on my Google Business Listing – Please review me here if you found this blog article to be of use. And when you leave your review for my Business ie ‘Robb Wallace Media’ please use some nice keywords like “Google My Business advice” “Helped my business” “Marketing expertise” “SEO” etc.  This would be much appreciated. Some Background before we tackle setting up and optimising your Google My Business. Let’s just take a second to put the Google My Business and its … Read more