“Powerful animated graphics are utilised by every major brand”

Motion graphics also known as animated intros are usually short animated brand indents and stingers, popularly used by big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola etc at the beginning or end of video adverts to add weight to their branding message. They can be created to showcase products, events and brands. Combine motion graphics and facebooks auto play to maximise your brand awareness. I can create any manner of motion graphic to add value to your brand.

I recommend using motion graphics to top and tail your videos with a branded intro at the beginning and a call to action at the end.

Examples: Splash White Water Rafting Tummel promo 2017

Spinning brand intro with water splashing and outro will a strong call to action. rafting.co.uk

Example: DMC Fitness Intro

The pieces are scattered and they come together. DMC training brings the mind back together.