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Hello and welcome to Robb Wallace Media. I am Robb and this is a little about me and my passion for media. This is not a comprehensive list of events but enough to show you where my head is at when it comes to media experience and skills.

Books by Robb

I have written a few books and this is where most of my creative time is spent nowadays. For more info on my books check out

Building My First website

I built my first website back in 2000 using HTML, I was at University in Dundee studying Mechanical Engineering and spent most of my time in the library on a computer making my own personal website. It was a mess but it was my first website and it was fun.

Award Winning Film

In 2007 I won the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival with my film “Gravity Chasers”, this was a team effort and was made with Richard Steel and all the guys in the film. I was working in the adventure industry as a Raft and Canyoning guide and at the weekend as an adventure photographer. In the evening we would go jump off bridges etc for fun, I decided to film it. I bought a camcorder from eBay for £200 and a waterproof case for £40 and as they say, the rest is history. This was the first video I ever made, we entered it into an international competition and we won. I thought to my self I could be good at this. So I took the next logical step. Education.

Flying Fatman Productions

A step back- to enter the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival I needed a production company name. As I was fat and we were flying from bridges into the water for the Gravity Chasers film. I gave birth to FFP or Flying Fatman Productions. FFP would be the name under which I would catalogue all my media creations until starting Robb Wallace Media.

Mature Student

It takes a lot to leave employment and return to education. But I was sure Film making and media creation were for me. I graduated top of my class with a distinction in Broadcast Production and won the UWS court medal for academic excellence.  Giving up your job make you focus!!

The MMA Show

During my university years, I created The MMA Show to apply my passion for media creation. This culminated in a Youtube green screen broadcast, twitter and facebook pages and a website. I secured press passes to the UFC, Cage Warriors and more. I secured sponsorship from Hell Energy, Go Fast Sports, bad boy Clothing and other key industry players. This again was a passion project, no funding just a passion for creating media across all emerging digital technologies. It still ticks over with RSS feeds populating the website, twitter and FB a shadow of its former glory but new projects and new skills needed to be developed.

HingWay Films

Around the same time, as starting The MMA Show my longtime friend and fellow creative juggernaut Greg Andrew and I hooked up and started making short films. Greg was also instrumental in the MMA Show youtube shows. We made over 20 short films, screened films in multiple cinemas, won awards and got some amazing feedback. I also learnt so much about film making, camera work, video editing, VFX, distribution and more. 

Everythings  An Illusion Podcast

Again with my partner in Crime Greg, I created a podcast. Again it presented new challenges and new opportunities to learn. Audio editing, building a website for podcast distribution, syndication distribution and more. 

Smartphone Media production

Everyone has a phone and most take photos and video, it is accessible to all. The knowledge of how to take good photos, make a video, ie the info to plan, capture, edit and distribute media was not readily available. I condensed my years of experience and knowledge into a book and bosh. Like all my projects I dont it all. Writing, editing, creating images, design of the print, publishing, distribution, website, videos, press releases and more. This project had so much learning, it was amazing. 

The Energetic Mind

T-Shirts, more T-shirts and more T-shirts. The e-commerce website, Print on demand T-shirts. This project required a fast website, with the facility to buy T-shirts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.  Still going strong. 

Hiring me

As you can see, I create media. Over the years I have created lots more video, website, SEO etc for many clients and employers. If I am not being commissioned to make stuff, I will be making stuff for myself. This is a passion that has been burning strong for over 20 years in form or another. When you purchase service from Robb Wallace Media your purchasing passion and experience. 

Google My Business Reviews

Ian Wallace
First class operator with a social conscience. Tel him what you need and he will produce it for you. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Lori Lynch
Great Media Consultancy training from Robb. Very insightful and beneficial to our business. Would highly recommend Robb Wallace Media!

Jennifer and Timo Wedding
Really great help, would not hesitate to contact again. Speedy replies are always a bonus!! Thank you, Jenn

May Mayberry
Robb Wallace Media in Glasgow, are so focussed on customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is just perfect. The new Digital MOT service is fantastic and really helps with SEO. The recommendations given to me in my business MOT were individual and completely tailored for my business. Very helpful and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Nigel Cole
Very efficient and professional response to my request for photo editing.